Who's My Time Lord?

An Ancient Timing Technique

Course Summary

In this unique course, you will learn an ancient timing technique called Annual Profections. It's a fun and effective tool, appropriate for students of all levels. Working with Annual Profections can help you plan and prepare for opportunities and challenges coming your way.  This course will teach you:

1. What themes and topics are being highlighted in your Birth Chart
2. Which planet is your Time Lord and how s/he will influence this period of life
3. Which Houses are emphasized in the Birth Chart
4. As a special bonus, I've included a free tutorial for calculating your rising Sign!

Start using Time Lords today and take your astrological practice to a whole new level. 

Course Curriculum

Lizanne Hanks

Lizanne is a professional astrologer, trainer and star-gazer. She brings rigour, humour and passion to all her astrological coaching. Lizanne's enthusiasm is contageous and her teaching style is friendly and engaging. 

Julie Glaser

communications consultant

Lizanne's passion and enthusiasm for astrology is infectious. Great course!

Course Pricing

  • Time Lord Course
  • $97 CAD

    Learn how to use Annual Profections for prediction

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  • How to determine which planet is your Time Lord
  • Which topics and themes are currently being highlighted in your Birth Chart
  • How to calculate your Ascendant or Rising Sign
  • How to generate a Birth Chart
  • The meanings of common Astrological symbols or glyphs
  • How to synthesize and apply this timing technique