You are so much more than your Sun sign

You probably already know that there are twelve signs in the zodiac. But are you aware that these 12 signs describe different parts of you and your life? Moreover, the placement of the planets within these signs provides a wealth of information about your talents and trials, attitudes and aptitudes and even specifics about your career, family and life path.

Are you compatible?

Parents, children, partners and friends: we are drawn to each person in our lives for a particular purpose. Astrology can help illuminate the karmic ties that connect you to others. It can predict areas of harmony and discord within relationships and provide you with foreknowledge about partners, family and friends.

What does your future hold?

Astrology has always been used for divination. Since ancient times, our ancestors scanned the heavens for signs of war, famine, or the death of a king. Today, an astrological forecast can predict the themes that will predominate in your life in coming months and years. It can even predict the most auspicious times to start a project or ask for a raise.

"Lizanne Hanks brings deep commitment into her Astrological service. Her approach has grown out of a depth of knowledge and discipline, beginning with a Master’s degree in Religious studies and continuing with many years of study and practice in the Art of Astrology. Her focus helps you explore and navigate your personal story, illuminating context and assisting you in orienting to the cycles and flows of your experience. As a spiritual counselor Lizanne is impeccable - her readings, respectful and confirming. I can highly recommend Lizanne to anyone seriously examining the purpose and direction of their life."

Richard Di Castri
Founding Minister of The Church of Truth,  Community for Conscious living -  in Victoria,  British Columbia 

 "Lizanne, your time and knowledge are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help selecting the date for our hand- fasting; it really felt like the perfect moment for us. My brother told me that, as we were saying our vows, the sun was setting behind me and the moon rising behind Adrian. I have always felt a deep appreciation for the moon and hearing that brought me even more joy. 

Rachael Cameron

 "I have never had my Astrology chart read to me before, but what a great experience it was! Lizanne is so kind and will take the time to answer the questions you have with pleasure and is very helpful! She studies your chart and knows things that only you would know! Lizanne has a true passion for astrology and it shows with her precise information about the past, present and even future. This experience made me think about myself in a different way. It was such a fun, interesting and intuitive encounter, I highly recommend her ! ❤️ Thanks, Lizanne!

Casey Perrin