What's My Ascendant?

A free tutorial

Course Summary

Chances are, you've been reading the wrong horoscope for years! To get more accurate predictions, you need to follow your Rising Sign/Ascendant NOT your Sun Sign. The Ascendant (Rising Sign) is a very important feature of the Astrological Birth Chart, based on the exact time and place of your birth. It is used to calculate the rest of your chart, determining the placement of all other planets and points. In this free tutorial, I walk you through the process step by step. Also included are helpful slides containing the zodiac sign and planetary glyphs.

Course Curriculum

Lizanne Hanks

Lizanne is a professional astrologer, trainer and star-gazer. She brings rigour, humour and passion to all her astrological coaching. Lizanne's enthusiasm is contageous and her teaching style is friendly and engaging. 

Casey Perrin

"Lizanne is so kind and will take the time to answer the questions you have with pleasure and is very helpful!"