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 "Lizanne‘s videos are awesome! I try to watch every one." 

Donna Burton
Starling Member

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"Lizanne is the real thing! She has such a unique and powerful gift, we should all be grateful that she’s willing to share her wisdom with the world. I really felt seen by her and her reading, which helped give me such a sense of purpose about why I’m here and how I’m meant to navigate this world. ” 

Caroline Taylor

 "Lizanne makes it so much fun!

Marilyn Walker
Shooting Star Member 

 Dear smart, strong, overworked, underappreciated star-lover: 

You’ve probably been running around trying to help everyone in your life, and you don’t know how to stop.

You’re driving hard in your career, and working hard to support all the important people in your life.

Yet, there’s still some nagging part of you that feels “unseen” - hungry for meaning and connection.

Maybe you’re at a crossroads in life.

Or, perhaps you already have it all and there’s still something missing.

You want more out of your life, something that makes it all worthwhile.

You want to feel like your life matters.

This fast-paced, hyper-stimulated, crisis-driven, competitive modern world can feel overwhelming.

We have so much information yet so little meaning.

We have so much responsibility but so little power.

We’ve never been more connected globally; and yet, on another level, we’ve never been so isolated from one-another.

I get it because I’ve felt it too.

Now, I’m not suggesting that this membership can solve all your problems.

I do believe that Astrology can be a powerful tool for change and for good.

Astrology can help us feel more connected to each other and to the Cosmos.

It can empower us with self-knowledge, and foreknowledge about what’s coming. It can inspire us with a feeling of divine wonder and the confidence of knowing that we all have an essential part to play in this Cosmic unfolding.

This is your birthright.

Who am I to tell you how to make this work?

That’s a question I’ve often asked myself.

I can’t remember when I first heard about Astrology but I know I was hooked from my very first horoscope. 

I didn’t understand then - or even question how it worked; I simply marveled that it did.  

And while many of my childhood beliefs and pursuits have naturally faded over time, Astrology has remained a constant source of wonder and wisdom in my life.  

Of course, I didn’t always admit it.  

For years, I kept this passion hidden, for fear of being judged irrational or superstitious.  

But I have gradually come to realize that those who criticize Astrology as a "pseudoscience" rarely know anything about it.  

Dismissing this ancient, complex and multilayered system based on the generic horoscopes found in a magazine, is like rejecting Italian cuisine because you once had a bad experience at Pizza Hut.

Some people are fortunate enough to know what they want from an early age.  I’m not one of those people.  

Until I “came out” as an astrologer, my life and my many interests made no sense.  

Besides astrology, I have numerous eclectic and unrelated passions: psychology, mythology, the performing arts, language, Nature, and the Occult.  

I have two degrees in Religious Studies that seemed like they were impractical and unprofitable, a Sivananda Yoga teacher certification, a lifelong fascination with all things Indian and Greek and an unquenchable thirst for meaning.  

Astrology connected the dots for me.

In the journey of making astrology relevant and a key aspect of shaping my life, I had to tap into and connect all of these seemingly disparate interests and degrees and certifications.

They all contribute to the whole.

Now I get to use all of it - my knowledge of religion and mythology, my love of writing and performance, my fascination with psychology, Indian and Greek cultures and especially my need to make meaning from experience.  

Even my reverence for Nature is intrinsic to my work.

My entire life has been the practice of making astrology real and practical – a source of guidance and support thorough all the challenges I’ve faced.

For most of my life, I felt lost.  

Now I use Astrology as a navigation system.

 "I’m a novice so the club gives me a place to learn astrology in a safe space with a CANADIAN ❤️ legitimate astrologer.

Ida May Frischke

It points me in the right direction; it tells me when to act and when to wait; it directs my energy to the appropriate sphere of life at the appropriate times; it tells me where growth is possible and when I need to loosen my grip.  

It’s my constant teacher and consolation.  

Most of what I know, I learned the hard way.  

But now that I have finally found my path, I’d like to share my hard won lessons with you.  

To cheer you on and support you on your journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.  

I’d like to be part of a community of like-minded weirdos, committed to finding truth and beauty and magic on this tiny precious planet.

Wouldn't You?

You likely know that the best way to do that is not just to do one-off courses, but to have support on an ongoing basis, month after month.

If you want astrology to support you, it needs to be a practice in your life.

That’s why I’m launching my Cosmic Coffee Club membership.  And it's only open to new members for 5 days!

I’ve invested a great deal to develop and refine this program, and that's how strong my commitment is to helping people make astrology real and relevant in their lives I know without a doubt that this program will help me serve them even better.  

If you’re hooked on astrology and feel a deep connection to the stars, and you want to go from dabbing and exploring to getting clarity, making astrology relevant to your life, and tapping its wisdom to guide you, I invite you to join me on this journey and become a founding member.  

I'm opening up a limited number of spots into my membership, and since this is Black Friday week, they'll be at ridiculously low prices.

But here's the catch… I'm only offering this for one week, and I'll never offer this price again.

 I know that you are at a unique place in your life, and that’s why I’ve created 3 levels for the Coffee Club to meet the needs of everyone out there:


You already feel a connection to the planets and stars but now you’re ready to take the next step. Together we will explore current and upcoming transits so you can stop struggling and start flowing with the Cosmic tide.

As you deepen your astrological knowledge, you will gain greater insight into your own character and your unique journey.

Moving beyond generic horoscopes, you will see how planetary movements impact you personally so that you can prepare for the future and make peace with the past. Starlings will receive:

  • Full-length Caffeinated Astrology videos each week to prepare you for the opportunities and challenges ahead (much deeper than the one-minute videos on social media now) 
  • Access to a members-only chat where you can ask questions, discuss the week’s astrology, interact with other members and share stories and insights 
  • Members-only pricing on Astrology Readings 
  • Bonus material including: challenges, how-to guides, reference documents and more 
  • Access to foundational courses ("What's My Ascendant" and "Who's My Time Lord")
  • Member pricing on all existing and future courses 

Shooting Stars

Like me, you’re already hooked on astrology.

You feel a deep connection to the stars and now you are ready to start co-creating your life.

With weekly videos and quarterly 1:1 readings you can plan for the most favorable times to START, STOP and MAINTAIN activities.

With ongoing sessions, we will delve ever-deeper into your Birth Chart, uncovering the many layers of wisdom contained there.

We will also explore more advanced astrological techniques (solar returns, progressed charts, profections) to determine how you are evolving and the lessons you are learning now.

You will receive:

  • All Starling benefits
  • Quarterly 1:1 Readings 
  • Bonus material including: challenges, how-to guides, reference documents and more 
  • PDF of Your Birth Chart
  • "What's My Ascendant" Course 
  • "ABC Primer: Understanding the Astrological Birth Chart" Course 
  • "Thema Mundi: Birth Chart of the Cosmos" Course 
  • "Who's My Time Lord: An Ancient Timing Technique" Course

Royal Stars

You’re ready to go all in!

You have big dreams and you’re making them happen. This is perfect for leaders and entrepreneurs, and for serious students of astrology.

You're completely committed to yourself, and this journey of discovery.

You’re ready to dive into astrology headfirst: to meet all the challenges life can throw at you and to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Our 1:1 coaching sessions will provide a roadmap for your journey.

Together, we will plan, strategize and review your monthly schedule.

We'll look out for the most auspicious and possibly vicious days each of each month to give you an Astrological edge.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, an artist, an activist or a philanthropist - you’ll get the royal treatment from me.

You will receive:

  • All Starling  Benefits
  • Monthly 1:1 Coaching sessions 
  • Priority Booking
  • Targeted remediation to deal with difficult factors in your personal astrology (meditations, herbal supports, specific yoga practices/moves, rituals etc.) 
  • Unlimited access to ALL my current and upcoming courses 
  • Complimentary Zodiac Goddess Mug


Registration Closed Until Later in 2024

Shooting Stars

Registration Closed Until Later in 2024

Royal Stars

Registration Closed Until Later in 2024

So, if you'd like to join me in this, pick your level and click the link by Friday, November 24 at midnight and register.

All you have to do is select the level that calls you and register below.
You’ll get access to the Foundational elements of your membership immediately, and the weekly videos and resources will start on October 1.

And Royal Stars and Shining Stars will receive information on how to book their first reading with me.

Join me on this exciting journey! I’m thankful for your support, and I can't wait to have you as a founding member in this journey with me!

Peace my friends,


 "My reading with Lizanne was profound, so enlightening and straight up informative. It is the most clarity that I have ever received from an astrology reading. I really appreciate the way that Lizanne answered all of my questions and concerns directly, with compassion, kindness, honesty and a dash of humour for good measure. I feel deeply nourished and totally validated by the accuracy and depth Lizanne was able to divine from my birth chart and the guidance that she gave me for my personal year ahead. I appreciate Lizanne’s style of reading, shedding light on all the challenges that lay ahead without any sugar coating whilst also looking out for and expanding upon all of the support that is available as well. Lizanne is a wise, compassionate, down to earth cosmic guide providing precise and meaningful celestial guidance.” 

Caitlin Schumacher
Internal Family  Systems Liberation Coach and Psychic Healer

Registration Closed Until Later in 2024

 "I was privileged to win a free reading with Lizanne. She is a wealth of knowledge. Her warmth, kindness and empathy radiated throughout our session. She affirmed so many things that I felt about myself through my birth chart. Our session left me feeling empowered and prepared for what comes next. I can’t think her enough for the opportunity to meet her and look forward to future sessions to come.” 

Ashley Collicut