ABC Primer - Understanding the Astrological Birth Chart (ABC)

Angles, Houses and Planetary Joys

Course Summary

Your Astrological Birth Chart or "ABC" is a personal guide to self-discovery and transformation. It's a treasure map that can help you navigate the planetary influences in 2023 and beyond. In this free video primer, you will learn about the four angles of your Birth Chart, the twelve houses and the places where each of the traditional planets is said to rejoice. These foundational concepts will deepen your understanding of Astrology and prepare you for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Whether you're a complete newbie or a seasoned astrologer looking to refresh your skills, this essential course is simple and straightforward so you can put it to use immediately.  Stick around for the final video for a bonus sneak peak at the Astrology in 2023!

Course Curriculum

Lizanne Hanks

Lizanne is a professional astrologer, trainer and star-gazer. She brings rigour, humour and passion to all her astrological coaching. Lizanne's enthusiasm is contageous and her teaching style is friendly and engaging. 

Lizanne is an Astrologer, trainer and life-long student of the stars. Her teaching style is clear and concise, cutting through all the jargon and cliches of pop-astrology, to deliver the essential message  and techniques of Astrology. Lizanne brings deep insight, passion and her vast knowledge of religious  systems to her Astrological practice. 

 "If you want to go deeper, if you want to know the songs and poetry of the stars, what the signs, planets and their changes really mean, then THE NOVA SCOTIA ASTROLOGER is the one you’ve been waiting for." 

Cree Summer