Unveiling the Unprecedented Shadows of Libra Season: An Astrological Anomaly

Libra is a sign we usually associate with harmony, beauty, justice and balance; but this year has delivered a masterclass in the shadow side of Libra

Join me as we navigate through the perplexing paradoxes of this astrological anomaly.

War Amidst Diplomacy

Consider this: Libra is often linked to diplomacy and peacemaking. However, this Libra season has been marked by conflicts and tensions on the global stage, highlighting the failure of diplomatic efforts in some instances. This raises questions about the balance of power and the challenges of achieving true harmony in a world that's far from ideal.

Extremism and Injustice

Libra, the sign of justice and fairness, usually symbolizes equilibrium and ethical behavior. Yet, this season has witnessed the rise of extremism and injustices in various forms. It's a stark reminder that even the most balanced signs can grapple with disarray.

Imbalance in the Cosmos

Astrology often teaches us that the celestial bodies influence our lives. But during this Libra season, it appears that cosmic harmony is temporarily disrupted. The recent solar eclipse and continued presence of the South Node in this sign are stark examples of this.The challenges and disruptions we face on Earth are mirrored by celestial unrest, emphasizing that cosmic balance is not a constant state.

The Allure of Beauty vs. The Harsh Reality of Ugliness

Libra, ruled by Venus, is naturally inclined towards beauty and aesthetics. In a typical Libra season, this inclination is celebrated as a reflection of the sign's essence. However, this year, we’ve witnessed the reverse. Extremism, conflict, and injustice have unveiled the ugliness of the collective unconscious and the limits of ideology, nationalism, greed and unfettered power.

Balancing the Discord

The disharmony and imbalance experienced during this Libra season remind us of the intricate dance of planetary energies. In the face of these challenges, the core essence of Libra—seeking balance and harmony—becomes more crucial than ever. It serves as a beacon to guide us through turbulent times and encourages us to work towards restoring equilibrium.

Seeking the Beautiful

In Hellenistic thought, Beauty, Goodness and Truth are intricately connected.This is the Libran ideal and I believe it is something we need to hold on to in these dark days. We may not all be important players on the world stage but we can judge actions, ideals and relationships against these three criteria. Is it true? Is it good? Is it beautiful?

Wishing everyone a blessed and beautiful month. I am grateful for your presence in my life.

Peace my friends,


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