God Knows Your Name

Your life matters. In fact, it is so precious and so essential to the story of all Creation, that it is written in the stars.

When my kids were little, I sent them to Catholic school, not for religion, for French immersion. And although I had reservations about exposing them to Catholic dogma, I figured, with a Master’s Degree in Religious Studies, I could counter any detrimental teachings with my academic arsenal of history, facts and feminism. I was wrong.

At this particular school, it was customary for students to be confirmed as Catholics in fourth grade. This involved intensive preparation for Catholic students and intensive pressure for non-Catholics to convert to the faith. They spent months and months learning catechism and rehearsing their parts.

The teacher appointed to shepherd our children through this process was horrified to learn that my daughter was unbaptized. For Catholics, Confirmation fortifies the sacrament of Baptism, cementing a child’s place in the Catholic community. It also protects them from damnation. Since I am not a Christian, and I refuse to swear oaths I have no intention of keeping, my children were never baptized.

Upon learning of the imperiled state of my daughter’s soul, the teacher announced to the entire class, and I quote: “If you’ve never been baptized, then God doesn’t know your name.”

What a devastating thing to say to a child - to anyone, but especially a child. I still feel sick when I think of it. This is not a condemnation of Catholicism or Catholic School in general; I know many wonderful, loving, decent Catholics. But when a person in authority negates your significance to the Creator, it’s a potent poison.

This memory serves as an illuminating contrast to the first principle of my Astrological practice. What I confirm, with every person I meet and every single chart I study is that God absolutely does know your name.

It doesn’t matter what you believe.

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living.

It doesn’t matter who you know or what kind of status you hold.

Your life matters. In fact, it is so precious and so essential to the story of all Creation, that it is written in the stars.

The practice of astrology makes me a better person because it shows me the struggles we all face, no matter how pretty or perfect the facade we show to the outside world. More importantly, it shows me the beauty and value of every individual. It is my pleasure and my privilege to act as a mirror for others, validating their challenges and affirming their talents and strengths. This is what I offer: not life or death predictions, not lessons from past lives or dead relatives, just an honest conversation about your unique journey and your precious life.

Peace my friends,


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