Venus and the Law of Attraction

With a Venus Retrograde Approaching, relationships of all sort are up for review and re-evaluation. Check out your Venus sign here.

Venus and the Law of Attraction

Venus is the principle of attraction in astrology. She represents love, beauty, art, aesthetics and values. Venus is relational. In the birth chart, she describes how you love, who you love and how you attract others into your life. Your Venus sign describes your personal aesthetic and your values. In this way, she may even provide clues about how you can attract more wealth and abundance into your life. Your Venus sign is not the only astrological placement that describes your love nature but she is an important one - especially in the early stages of love. If you’d like to delve more deeply into this topic, a trained astrologer can give you a much more complete and nuanced understanding of your unique love nature.

Venus in Aries is playful, spontaneous and direct. She enjoys the thrill of the chase, but may become bored once she achieves her goal. Venus in Aries falls in love quickly and ardently. She may be a tad self-centered, but Venus in Aries has a child-like quality that is endearing and she knows how to keep your relationship fresh.

Venus in Taurus is sensual, prudent and constant. In her home sign, Venus revels in the physical expression of love, and in its accessories: food, luxurious fabrics, music and a soft touch. Venus in Taurus is also stubborn. Though she may be slow to form an attachment, her relationships tend to endure.

Venus in Gemini is witty, vivacious, and curious. Flirty and fun, Venus in Gemini makes a charming conversationalist. She enjoys pillow talk, and banter with her partner. This placement needs constant stimulation however, to prevent a wandering eye. So whatever you do: Don’t be boring!

Venus in Cancer is nurturing and protective. She cares deeply for family, friends and lovers and wants to make everyone comfortable. She demonstrates her love in a maternal fashion: cooking, nursing and creating a safe and loving home.Though Venus in Cancer can be a bit bossy at times, her love is unconditional and she gives the very best hugs.

Venus in Leo is a loyal and affectionate partner. Born to lead, she is generous and magnanimous with friends and lovers alike. Venus in Leo enjoys the spotlight but she doesn’t mind sharing it with those she loves. Though she requires plenty of attention, her warmth and style make it hard to notice anything or anyone else.

Venus in Virgo is thoughtful and unassuming. She seeks an equal partnership and is always willing to do her part to make the relationship thrive. She is so organized, competent and helpful, you may not even notice all she does to make life run smoothly for her loved ones. Venus in Virgo knows how to improve everything - including you.

Venus in Libra is graceful, elegant and attentive to the needs of her partner. This is a particularly romantic placement for Venus and she enjoys all the trappings: champagne, flowers and weekends in Paris! Venus in Libra seeks balance and harmony in relationships. In fact, she will do anything to avoid conflict even if it’s a teensy bit dishonest.

Venus in Scorpio is passionate and magnetic. Though she can appear cool and controlled on the surface, her inner world is deep and turbulent. Venus in Scorpio is not interested in surfaces; she wants to see inside your soul. She expects complete loyalty from her partner and will give you the same.

Venus in Sagittarius is jovial, adventurous and exuberant. Fiercely independent, she seeks a partner-in-crime for her stunts and explorations, rather than a homebody. She is broad minded and freedom loving. Always the life of the party, this Venus may have a tendency to exaggerate and take pleasures to excess.

Venus in Capricorn is practical, ambitious and steady but she also has a silly side that she doesn’t often share. She is an excellent manager and she knows how to keep a household operating smoothly. She needs a partner who will respect her work and support her dreams, while encouraging her to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Venus in Aquarius values friendship above all else; if you want to be her lover you must first become her friend. She is smart, social, and free-thinking. This Venus has so many interests and friends you may wonder if she has time for romance. Venus in Aquarius is not the clingy type so if you love her, give her plenty of freedom to explore and new ideas to consider.

Venus in Pisces is dreamy and compassionate. She is an excellent listener with a gentle healing touch and keen intuition. She is highly creative with a rich inner world but she may lack practicality. Romantic to a fault, Venus in Pisces is so idealistic in love that it can be hard for any human being to match her fantasies.


Compatibility is a complex recipe and your Venus sign is just one ingredient. Keep in mind that other ingredients will add flavor and spice to your relationships.The placement of Venus in a person’s chart is just one of many significant factors in determining compatibility and it may not even be the most important one. Other important placements include:

your Moon sign - emotional nature

Your Mars sign - sexual style

Your Mercury- communication style

It’s best to look at the chart as a whole when determining compatibility. And even when a match seems unlikely, I would encourage daters to keep an open mind. Each and every sign has hundreds of significations and we all express them in different and unique ways. In fact, we all have each of the 12 zodiac signs somewhere in our charts. So be careful who and what you reject- it might just be a piece of you that you cannot or do not wish to see.

I love discussing love and relationships with my clients. Get in touch to learn more about your own unique love nature.

Blessings my friends,


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