The Cosmic Dance

Astrology is a dance and it is both inspiring and humbling to recognize the part we play in this unfolding choreography.

I can’t remember when I first heard about Astrology but I know I was hooked from my very first horoscope. I didn’t understand then - or even question- how it worked; I simply marvelled that it did. And while many of my childhood beliefs and pursuits have naturally faded over time, Astrology has remained a constant source of wonder and wisdom in my life. Of course, I didn’t always admit it. For years, I kept this passion hidden, for fear of being judged irrational or superstitious. But I have gradually come to realize that those who criticize Astrology as a "pseudoscience" rarely know anything about it. Dismissing this ancient, complex and multilayered system based on the generic horoscopes found in a magazine, is like rejecting Italian cuisine because you once had a bad experience at Pizza Hut.

For me, there is no contradiction between Astrology and Science. Each performs a different function in my life and answers different kinds of questions. Science deals with fact and theory while Astrology offers meaning. I trust Science to guide many of my daily choices and I rely on Astrology to help me navigate the changing seasons of life, to prepare me for turbulence ahead and to console me when misfortunes arise.

Astrology is a Nature Tradition: It situates the individual within the natural world and within the cosmos. Perhaps because of the prevalence of artificial lighting, many of us no longer conceptualize the heavens as an integral part of nature. But how would our planet function without the Sun and the Moon? Our very existence depends on Earth’s location within the solar system: Our orbit maintains the seasons; the Moon cycle divides years into months and months into days; and planetary rotation governs the transition from day into night. At its core, Astrology is an interpretive and divinatory practice that derives meaning from these relationships. The more I connect with the planets and lights, the more I experience the wonder and magic of the natural world.

Astrology Connects Us to the Past: Some of the earliest records of human cognition depict images of celestial bodies. The prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux France suggest that our ancestors were using lunar cycles to mark the passage of time nearly 20,000 years ago. In Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient Greece, philosophers observed that celestial bodies and events had earthly correspondences much in the same way that wind patterns and cloud formations correspond to the weather. Moreover, they recognized that the movements of the Sun, Moon and planets were cyclical and predictable, enabling them to predetermine the flavour of days to come. They even invented machines (like the Antikythera pictured above) that could track planetary cycles and project them into the distant future. My own study of Hellenistic Astrology confirms that we are all intimately and inextricably linked to these cycles.

Astrology is a Wisdom Tradition: It's not a Science, though it draws on Astronomy and Mathematics for technical accuracy and computation. It's not a religion, though it performs some of the functions traditionally associated with spiritual practice. Instead, I’ve come to understand Astrology as a wisdom tradition, in line with the mystical teachings of all great religions. There is no dogma, no authority, no governing body, and no clergy. There is, however, a tradition of teachings and techniques that date back thousands of years. Within this cosmology, the planets and stars are understood as oracles of the divine. Each of us has unlimited, direct access to these oracles and to the insights they impart. But they communicate in the language of symbol and myth, not in the language of fact. Their truths are revealed slowly through study, contemplation, and deep listening.

Astrology for Self-Awareness: This is how astrology works for me: it grounds me in my body, in the here and now, while simultaneously linking me to the distant past, the future, the natural world and the cosmos. The movements of the spheres are intricate, complex and spectacularly beautiful. The interplay between celestial bodies and our own birth stars is even more awe-inspiring. Observing these patterns as they emerge, coalesce, dissolve and reconstitute is like watching a cosmic dance. It's both inspiring and humbling to recognize the part we play in this unfolding choreography.

Astrology encourages self-reflection and a level of self-awareness that is frequently painful, but in my opinion, absolutely necessary. As human civilization teeters on the edge of catastrophic climate change, Hellenistic Astrology offers a holistic world-view that shows us where we belong. We are small but not insignificant. We are part of the natural world, not separate and not above it. We are all subject to the constraints of fate and fortune but we are also given a measure of free will to respond to our circumstances. Astrology teaches me to respond with reverence, gratitude and the willingness to do my part.

Peace my friends,


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