Scorpio Season

Here, at the midpoint of two significant eclipses, we find ourselves in a world of shadows, haunted by memories of the past and ghosts of the future.

This is a Holy time of year, when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest and most transparent. As the final flourish of Autumn fades, the bones of things are exposed: blades of piercing light penetrate dark dramatic skies, revealing the skeletal structures beneath the flesh. Here, at the midpoint of two very significant eclipses, we find ourselves in a world of shadows, haunted by memories of the past and ghosts of the future.

Scorpio season is a journey through the underworld. Deep in the annals of psyche and soul is where we encounter our darkness. It’s a process that scours the soul, tests our mettle and resurrects the buried parts of ourselves that we long for and desperately need.

Scorpio is associated with wealth, power, sex, death and regeneration. It is the most instinctive sign, driven by biological imperatives and supernatural forces. The ancient ruler of Scorpio is Mars - God of War, the modern ruler, Pluto - Lord of the Dead. Not the most cuddly combination, to be sure. But their potency cannot be denied.

We are all familiar with the destructive side of Scorpio: fear, manipulation, secrecy and ruthlessness; but the other side is just as powerful: emotional courage, loyalty, resilience, passion and strength. The gifts of Scorpio are well-defended and hard won: they are the spoils of war waged against the inauthentic Self. The word Pluto literally means riches. Not everyone is willing or able to take up the sword of Scorpio, but those who do are richly rewarded.

With Mercury, Venus and the Sun all in Scorpio, along with the South Node, we are in the belly of the beast right now. As each planet engages the node, we will be called to relinquish and release. It’s a deep clean, a primal purge, a final, convulsive push to expel all that has expired in our lives, hearts and minds. If you have fixed sign placements (Scorpio, Taurus, Aquarius and Leo) this evacuation may be particularly intense, but we are all going through it on some level.

Letting go can be uncomfortable for some, and downright terrifying for others. To surrender is to lose control, and to lose control feels like a kind of death to the ego. We wonder who we will be and what will fill the void if we loosen our grip. The fear is real and it is very human. But Scorpio has two animal symbols, remember: the Scorpion and the Eagle. We often forget this. There is a choice implied in every Scorpio season: we can lash out reflexively with that venomous sting; or, we can soar to new heights, transmuting our darkness into light, moving through fear to ultimate freedom.

Peace my friends,


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