Saturn in Pisces: A Test of Faith

For the past six years, Saturn has been free to pursue his own stern agenda without constraint. Now Saturn will have to answer to Jupiter

Saturn in Pisces: A Test of Faith

Making the imaginary real.

Cutting away the excess of pathos and sentimentality.

Bringing structure to fantasies, hopes dreams.

Making the spiritual part of our daily lives.

Softening our hard edges while strengthening our flimsy personal boundaries.

In Hellenistic Astrology, Pisces is the feminine domain of Jupiter. The sign of the fishes calls forth the softer, dreamier side of the King. Jupiter in Pisces may not be as grandiose and swashbuckling as he is in Sagittarius (his masculine, fiery domain) but he imbues this sign with faith, wisdom, and high ideals.

Pisces is also the place where Venus exalts. Here, the Goddess of Love extends her reach, transforming friendship and fellow feeling into compassion and universal love. She imparts a refined aesthetic to this watery feminine sign, an otherworldly glamour that is at once seductive and also a little tragic.

There’s a destructive side to this final sign of the zodiac - a yearning for escape, or perhaps a longing to return to Source that plays on the edges of fatalism. Because perfection can never be achieved, the Piscean ideal remains forever out of reach.

Pisces doesn’t like to be pinned down. The fishes can be slippery and evasive, avoiding direct communication and confrontation to the point of deception and delusion. Whether it’s kindness, or self-preservation, Pisceans rarely give a straight answer to a difficult question.

There is often an attraction to darkness, unconsciousness, and self sacrifice here. The depth and breadth of fishy feeling defies analytics, metrics and categorization. Which may explain why Pisces is the sign of Mercury’s Fall. Mercury prefers order, punctuality, exactitude; while Pisces is as timeless, undulating and chaotic as the sea.

For the past six years, Saturn has been in Saturn ruled signs, free to pursue his own stern agenda without constraint. Now Saturn will have to answer to Jupiter. Saturn naturally wants to contract, to sever, to separate while Jupiter wants to expand, exaggerate and inflate. These divergent impulses will now be in tension. As Jupiter urges us to widen and broaden our horizons, Saturn will warn us not to go to far. He will nudge us to curtail our dreams and hem in our expectations. We may become more serious and sober in our expression and pursuit of spiritual matters, creativity and romance.

There could be a tempering effect with Saturn in Jupiter’s abode. We may lose some of our precious idealism. Yes. But we may also gain a more realistic approach to actualizing our aspirations.

Pisces can be overly self-sacrificing. Saturn can help show us a more judicious way of applying empathy and love so that we are not always bleeding away our resources or syphoning away our energy into people, places, and things that are unworthy.

Saturn will bring focus and even a little bit of austerity to an undisciplined part of our lives. He will demand responsibility and accountability where we usually let ourselves and others off the hook.

On the other hand, Pisces and Neptune will break down any system or structure that has become too rigid. Faith structures, ideologies, institutions and even self-concepts that are too limiting and closed, will now be eroded.

I have no doubt that those with power and privilege will continue to fight hard to maintain the status quo but there’s no power on earth greater than water.

Purification, refinement and Healing are other Pisces keywords. Perhaps over the next three years we will have a chance to repair some broken relationships, to heal some societal and personal ruptures, to purify our intentions and aspirations, and to refine our systems, structures and institutions so they better reflect the Piscean values of empathy, compassion and divine love.

Blessings my friends,


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