Mars: The Original Bad Boy

Mars, or Ares, as he was known to the ancient Greeks has always had a bad wrap. But like all mythological figures, this bad boy has another side.

Mars, or Ares, as he was known to the ancient Greeks has always had a bad wrap. From Homer’s Iliad to present day pop-culture, the God of War has been reviled and ridiculed as a violent, senseless brute. Even astrologers cast a wary eye on the movements of the red planet. And it's understandable: Mars is associated with conflict, violence, anger, conquest, and force. Difficult transits from Mars to another personal planet can point to trouble, sometimes coinciding with arguments, physical combat, accidents and the severing of relationships.

But like all mythological figures and the planets we associate with them, there is another side to Mars. The urge to cut and sever can be put to use in the surgery, hair salon, garden or editorial room. Aggression and strength can be harnessed for athletics, competition and hard physical labour. Anger and sacrifice can be directed towards a righteous cause. And passion can fuel our relationships, research projects and vocational pursuits.

Mars is also the planet we associate with lust and sex. The most famous and enduring love affair in Greek myth involves the God of War and the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. This relationship produced notable offspring: Harmonia, the beautiful Goddess of Harmony, and Eros, the God of Sexual Love, better known by his Roman name, Cupid. I love the complexity and contradictions inherent to Olympian family dynamics. As a parent, and as the child of an extremely dysfunctional family, I find solace in the notion that even a bad parent can produce a beautiful, blessed child.

My focus on Mars this month aims to provide context for the two lunar events of April 2021: tonight's New Moon in the sign of Aries and the Scorpio Full Moon that will occur on April 26. Both of these lunations are ruled by Mars.

The Spring Equinox marks the beginning of the astrological New Year, and this New Moon reinforces that theme. There is currently a consortium of planets and asteroids lined up in the fire temple of Mars, otherwise known as Aries. The coming week offers us the perfect opportunity to consider a fresh start or a new adventure. Aries is an active sign, full of fire and drive; it’s assertive, independent, fun, daring and spontaneous. It is also brash, foolhardy, hot-tempered, selfish and sometimes insensitive. Aries archetypes are the hero, the athlete and the warrior. Often prominent in the charts of entrepreneurs, and trail blazers, Aries is a cardinal sign, meaning it likes to initiate. Aries reminds me of the Knight of Wands in the Tarot deck, galloping recklessly into the future with his sword, his armour and a devil-may- care grin.

As the New Moon perfects, Mars is applying to a trine with the great benefic, Jupiter. This suggests that any new enterprise formed or launched now will be blessed with support and good fortune, especially if it embodies the positive principles of Mars. However, the Full Moon in Scorpio later this month is another story. On April 23, Mars moves into the sign of Cancer, arguably his least comfortable place and the Moon in sensitive Scorpio is likewise ill at ease. This Full Moon will also be closely configured with Uranus, stirring up a stew of disruptive energy, rebelliousness and volatile emotions. If Mars is backed into a corner, we may witness his uglier side and that simmering pot of resentment could finally boil over. Forewarned is forearmed, to use another Martian metaphor.

I hope you will all be blessed with the passion, power and enthusiasm of Mars this month. But if the deadly warrior shows up, remember: there is a season for everything. Even destruction is a necessary force. And, if you want to learn more about Mars, or any other feature of your birth chart, please reach out. I welcome your comments and suggestions too. Peace my friends,


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