Jupiter in Taurus: Baking with Benefics

If you have experienced upheaval in recent years, Jupiter's arrival in earthy Taurus could herald greater stability and some sweet relief.

Along with astrology, food is one of my great passions. I love cooking and preparing food as well as growing and foraging. Food is magic. At once a pleasure and a necessity, food binds us to the Earth and connects us to one another. It is art, sustenance and alchemy.

Jupiter is the principle of growth and expansion so it’s fitting that today, as Jupiter enters earthy Taurus, I am baking sourdough bread. It’s a sensual process - one that always puts me in mind of the Bountiful Benefic himself: feeding the sourdough, mixing the autolyse, folding and stretching, the slow rise, the long ferment and the great miraculous expansion that occurs with the addition of steam and heat.

Then there’s the smell: the sweet tang of a perfectly ripe levain transforming mere flour, water and salt into the most intoxicating, mouth-watering aroma. Who can resist fresh-out-of-the-oven bread? It’s not like yeasted bread; sourdough is alive. When you get the recipe just right, forming the loaves is like handling a soft, pillowy infant. It’s pure goodness, the stuff of life.

Jupiter in Aries has been a very busy time. Aries enjoys speed, action, new beginnings, competition, challenge. Wherever Jupiter has been for you this past year, it’s probably felt like one helluva sprint.

Now, with the Great Benefic moving into Taurus I hope we can slow down a bit and enjoy some stability and comfort. Taurus likes to take it’s time and do things right. The Bull has an eye for quality and a taste for luxury. Taurus understands the worth of things. And true value is often found in the simple pleasures of life: pleasant company, comfortable surroundings, natural beauty and fresh-baked bread.

Taurus is an earth sign: practical, grounded and ambitious. It has remarkable power and great perseverance. The Bull is steady, determined and slow to change. Wherever Taurus falls in the Birth Chart, we are apt to seek predictability. We know what we want and we stick to it.

In recent years, there has been a great deal of upheaval here, as change-maker Uranus, has been spinning through Taurus like a whirling Dervish, leaving uncertainty, scarcity and fear in his wake.

Taurus is associated with the basics: food, money, labour and the Natural World.

With Jupiter's sojourn in Taurus we should see more security around these issues. Goods and services may start to flow once more. Uranus is still a factor here but Jupiter will do what he can to support us over the next year.

If you want to make the most of this transit, trust the wisdom of your body and the Natural World. Find your way back to the simple pleasures of life and beware of excess (the shadow side of Jupiter).

Where is Taurus in your chart? Get in touch to learn more about this and all the other juicy astrology coming your way; or, just drop me a line to say hello. I love hearing from you!

Peace my friends,


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