Jupiter Breaks Quarantine

Jupiter in Sagittarius (his other domain) can be bold, imperious and swashbuckling; Jupiter in Pisces is more Christ-like: empathetic and spiritual.

This month it is my pleasure to tell you about an exciting transit which begins today: Jupiter in Pisces. For the next 2 ½ months we can look forward to a season of growth and optimism as the king makes a joyous return to his own castle. Usually, Jupiter spends about a year in each sign. But his journey through Pisces will be interrupted by two retrograde periods, suggesting that big changes are in store for us both personally and collectively, changes that will require time to develop, mature and integrate.

Jupiter’s homecoming is particularly sweet this time, as he has spent the last year and a half as a house guest in Saturn’s icy domain. Jupiter is associated with pursuits and pleasures that expand the soul: travel, higher education, religion, philosophy and astrology. Saturn is connected with pressures and responsibilities that restrict, negate and confine. Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts. Jupiter craves fun, adventure, and society. But in Saturn’s house, he is fed a strict diet of discipline, asceticism, and solitude. Of course, Jupiter travels through Saturn’s signs every 12 years; but this time the conditions were far more extreme due to the co-presence of Saturn, rather like a prisoner being handcuffed to the warden himself.

The animosity between these two goes way, way back. According to Greek mythology, the titan Kronos (Saturn) was once the ruler of gods and humans alike. But a prophecy foretold that he would be deposed by one of his children. To avert this fate, Kronos consumed his offspring as soon as they were delivered. His grieving wife, Rhea, became desperate for a child; so she hatched a plan to deceive Kronos. When the final birth occurred, Rhea concealed her precious son Zeus (Jupiter) on the isle of Crete. She then presented Kronos with a stone swaddled like a babe. The ruse was successful, and Kronos consumed the stone instead of the child.

When Zeus grew to adulthood he sought justice for himself and his siblings. Sneaking into the royal court, Zeus administered a potion that made Kronos violently ill: the titan regurgitated each of his children, beginning with the swaddled stone. A triumphal Zeus was established as the new monarch, presiding over his court on Mount Olympus, attended by his newly liberated brothers and sisters; while Kronos was banished to a hell-likeTartarus.

So what can we expect while Jupiter traverses the sign of Pisces? Two words: faith and fecundity. Jupiter elevates our thinking and Pisces promotes altruism. Together, they promise creativity, receptivity and reverence for all life. In the sign of the Fishes, Jupiter is guided by compassion and intuition. He takes the high moral ideals, developed in Aquarius, and fertilizes them with love and humility. While Jupiter in Sagittarius (his other domain) can be bold, imperious and swashbuckling; Jupiter in Pisces is more Christ-like: gentle, empathetic and deeply spiritual. At his best, he is a peace-keeper, a wise counsellor and a just sovereign.

Of course, there is always another side. In Pisces, Jupiter can tend towards escapism. A longing to merge with Ultimate Reality or an idealized lover can result in all kinds of excess; the principle of self-sacrifice can become twisted into martyrdom; and the desire to shield others (and the self) from pain can even lead Pisces to deceit.

Warnings aside, I expect this transit to yield mostly positive results. Jupiter, unleashed from Saturn's grip, is bursting with pent-up energy, ready to bless us with his bounty and beneficence. As illustrated by the myth of his ascension, Jupiter represents the cosmic principle of divine order. His law is not the punitive force of "might is right" but rather, the cohesive principle of collective responsibility. He upholds our individual rights and our obligations to one-another.

As always, I wish you the best this season has to offer. For deeper insights on this and other transits impacting your chart, I am available for individual consults.

Peace my friends. Take good care of each other.


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