Full Moon in Pisces: Horoscopes

Like rain in the desert, or salve for sunburned skin, the Pisces Full Moon brings sweet relief to our overwrought minds and our parched souls.

Like rain in the desert, or salve for sunburned skin, the Pisces Full Moon brings sweet relief to our overwrought minds and our parched souls. There has been a lot of dry mental energy lately - malefic mental energy - with both Saturn and Mars hanging out in air signs, with the Sun and Venus is hyper-analytical Virgo and Mercury screeching to a halt in indecisive Libra. We've been thinking, considering, stewing, ruminating, rehashing, churning, deliberating, weighing our options, mulling it over, brooding. But the head can never take us where the heart belongs; reason alone will never satisfy our hunger for truth, our longing for love. So this Full Moon comes at just the right time. It’s a blessing from above, a soft maternal hug.

With the Sun in Virgo, we often feel the need to analyze, critique and fix everything. We are compelled to put ourselves and everything else to good use. Virgo’s utilitarianism can even extend to people and feelings. But the Full Moon in Pisces reminds us that we cant think our way to joy. As a good friend recently told me: “You can’t logic love.”

Ruled by Jupiter, this Full Moon receives a sweet sextile from Uranus the liberator. It is also closely configured to Neptune the dissolver. Together, these signatures suggest that we now have an opportunity to remove some ancient blocks and release karmic bonds. There is an invitation here, to loosen our grip on what was , and join in the flow of what is.

Here are your Full moon horoscopes my friends. May this beautiful Pisces Full Moon soothe your frenzied brain, dissolve your worries and your fears, and bathe us all in the remembrance of divine oneness and unconditional love.

Aries or Aries rising: The Full Moon occurring in your 12th house, can illuminate how self-critical thoughts and behaviours sabotage you and your relationships. There could be a significant breakthrough that allows you to connect more fully to Spirit or your own Higher Self through gentleness and compassion.

Taurus or Taurus rising: This lunation occurs in your 11th house of friends and social groups. It highlights the need to criticize less and empathize more with friends and allies. You may be reaching a culmination or turning-point with a friend; or, a significant new ally may emerge.

Gemini or Gemini rising: This Full Moon falls in your 10th house of career and reputation. How can you show greater compassion to your colleagues or bring a higher purpose to your work? A project started earlier this year may culminate in recognition, promotion or a change of position.

Cancer or Cancer rising: you may be experiencing a Spiritual awakening, or a call to pursue higher education or overseas travel. You may experience significant revelations at this time related to your higher purpose.

Leo or Leo rising: This lunation highlights your karmic obligation to others. You may receive word of an inheritance or financial reward, or conversely you may finally clear a debt. An intimate connection could also be deepened at this time.

Virgo or Virgo rising: This Full Moon shines a spotlight on your closest relationships. You may be deepening a commitment or reaching a significant milestone in your relationship. A seed planted in the Spring of 2022 may be coming into full bloom now, be it a business partnership or a love match.

Libra or Libra rising: This lunation falls in your 6th house of health and daily grind. A work or health regime started earlier this year may now bear fruit. For some, a diagnosis may finally be attained for a mysterious health issue that has plagued you or you may be called on to serve others.

Scorpio or Scorpio rising: The Pisces Full Moon occurs in your 5th house of children and pleasure. Your relationship to a child may be highlighted or a creative project may receive recognition at this time. A romance started earlier this year may culminate into something more substantial.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising: This lunation occurs in your 4th house of home and family. A home renovation project may be conceived or completed at this time. A new person may enter the family home or you may change residence at this time.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising: This Full Moon occurs in your 3rd house of communication, siblings and short distance travel. It is such a busy house that the possibilities are endless but some of the obvious significations include the culmination of a communication project such as the launch of a new website or community event. It could also indicate a turning point for siblings or a return to school.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising: This lunation occurs in your 2nd house of personal resources, values and talents. It could indicate a new skill or resource - financial or otherwise - coming to light. For some, a new level of self worth may be achieved through greater compassion and acceptance.

Pisces or Pisces Rising: The Full Moon in your 1st house suggests a new panacea of personal achievement, whether physical, psychological or spiritual. If you embarked on a new personal journey earlier this year, you may finally be reaching the destination around the time of this Full Moon. A new level of self-acceptance may be the result.

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