"We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself."

Carl Sagan

Purchase a reading for yourself or a friend.  Gift Certificates also available.


"Lizanne told me once that “The stars talk to her “ and after receiving several readings from her, I whole heartedly believe they do! She has a way of sharing that is no-holes-barred - no kid gloves here, just the beautiful and sometimes not so beautiful truth. I’ve been a lover of astrology for years, and had my chart done many times. After Lizanne read my chart she shared things I’ve never considered and were quickly proven to be true. If you want to go deeper, if you want to know the songs and poetry of the stars, what the signs, planets and their changes really mean, then THE NOVA SCOTIA ASTROLOGER is the one you’ve been waiting for."
 Cree Summer

Reading Options

Full Birth Chart Reading

You are so much more than your sun sign! Seafarers and seekers have always looked to the heavens for guidance and so can you. Astrology can help you find your bearings, make peace with the past and plot your future course. I use a variety of techniques (Progressions, Profections, Aspects, Dignities and Transits) to illuminate the patterns and blind spots that may be holding you back. Like a kaleidoscope, the movements of the stars are ever-changing, and infinite. Your chart is a snapshot of this celestial unfolding taken from the time and place of your birth. Just like you, your chart is multifaceted, complex and utterly unique.  75 minute consult  


Birthday Reading/ Gift

Each year, the Sun returns to the exact position it occupied at the time of your birth. Casting a chart for this moment can illuminate the trends and themes developing in your year ahead. Using the solar return chart and other timing techniques provides a birthday gift that is truly unique and personal. Birthday readings can be purchased for yourself or a loved one. 30 minute consult


Future Forecast

Sometimes we want to know when a good thing will happen and sometimes we just need to know that a bad thing will end. Everything has its season and astrology can predict when certain topics in your life will ripen and mature. The heavens are ever changing, yet predictable. Since ancient times, astrologers mapped the movements of the stars, projecting them forward through time and space. They observed how the planets and their relationships to each other, correspond to individuals and earthly events. “As above, so below.” This is how astrology can divine the future. I use a variety of techniques (transits, progressions, Profections) to predict emerging themes and trends so that you can capitalize on opportunities and prepare for challenges. 1 hr consult


"Lizanne delivered my astrology reading with knowledge, humor, and deep insight into all of the nuances astrology has to offer. Though I already knew some key details about my sun, rising, and moon signs, but Lizanne went way beyond those core signs to give me even more insight into how I am, what I need, and the direction I am heading. Thank you Lizanne - would recommend her for an astrology reading any day! "

Sarah McInnis

Relationship Reading

Astrology affords us many techniques for analyzing partner compatibility, relational dynamics and the likely trajectory of your personal and work relationships. Comparing two charts (synastry) can point to areas of harmony and discord in any partnership and provide invaluable information about differing communication styles, emotional needs and expectations around home and family, to name just a few. Whether it’s a steady partner, a family member or someone you’ve just met, a relationship report can promote better understanding of yourself and those you love. 1 hr consult


30-Minute Check-In

(Return Clients Only)

Stay abreast of current transits and prepare for future trends with a quick check-in. Together, we will discuss how the current astrology interacts with your natal and progressed chart. The check-in is also a great opportunity to plan future events and consider important decisions. Return clients usually benefit from an update every three to six months. 30 min consult


Pick a Special Date

"There is a time for everything under the Sun..." You wouldn't plant your seeds in the dead of winter or water your garden after a flood; so why not give the same consideration to your own life? Whether you're planning a wedding, a business launch or a celebration, I can help you select the most auspicious dates for your event, while avoiding negative influences. If you've invested your valuable time and energy on something, it only makes sense to choose the most favourable time to launch, announce or seal the deal? 


Karma Reading - Pay What You Can or Pay it Forward

Because I feel everyone should have access to the wisdom of Astrology, I offer occasional readings at a discount. If you are looking for direction or struggling with a specific issue, please get in touch.  Send me an email and I will add your name to my list.  My hope is that you will pay what you can or pay it forward.

 "I have had both birth chart and check ins from Lizanne. Her insights are straight talk and makes it comfortable to look at what energies are in the Stars that are fun.  She also balances that with what might be also in the shadows and beneficial to face as challenges for a complete workout with current energies. Lizanne is gifted with ways to bring transits down to grounding in everyday interactions and assists in cheering on as bravery coach and turning up the magic that is at times held back within. I encourage you to sign up for a reading with Lizanne and explore the benefits of being in her presence to open up to the Youniverse. " 

Peter Dowd